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What Would You Do If I Put $80k In Your Bank Right Now?

Sat down and did the maths yesterday, turns out i've saved over $80,000 since quitting alcohol, smokes and drugs 6 years ago...

Invested it straight back into my health and i enjoy the results when i look in the mirror every morning.

Wasn't always like that, here's what i used to think & what society conditions us to believe...

Personal Development Program: $1,497 - To expensive New Iphone: $1,497 - I need it!

Healthy groceries: $150 - To expensive Night out drinking: $150 - I gotta have fun

Working out 1h per day: No time Watching Netflix 1h: I’ve got time for a few more

This is a perfect example of the values that society has handed onto us.

People will happily hand over $100s a month on Uber eats, smokes and alcohol but will see investing in their own mind, health and bodies as a waste of money.

And then they think to themselves ‘why do i have no motivation or energy to get my goals’..

We all know that what society values does not always bring value to US, when in fact it’s the opposite.

Have a look at what you’re investing your time, energy and money on because those are your resources, because it’s how we spend these resources that create our life.

If you’re concerned about how much it costs to begin, take a look at how much it is costing you to remain the same.

Ben McDowell NLP Trainer taking coaches and healers from stuck & overwhelmed to financially independent by mastering their direction


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