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Ben McDowell

Ben's Story

Coming from a drug and alcohol addiction into 7 years of sobriety and now running an international 6 figure coaching business ben sees each of his students as totally magnificent and capable of creating change in their lives and the environment around them.

Our mission is to elevate the consciousness of humanity through creating coaches that run 6 Figure businesses transforming the planet.

Internationally Recognised NLP Trainer

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Ben McDowell's Business Timeline


The Journey Through Addiction

December 31st 2015

After spending 6 years in the cycles of a drug and alcohol addiction and acquiring a brain injury Ben decided he had to start changing the decisions he was making.

He decided that addiction was going to be a thing of his past.

He managed to get sober and spent the next 5 years travelling the world over working on himself.

Stepping Into The Next Level

May 1st 2020

He left his massage job to start working with people to transform their lives and graduated as an Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner


Finished His 1st Year of Business

May 1st 2021

Having seen 100+ clients and earning $75,000 during the previous 12 months.

He spent that time working 1:1 with people on their addictions, anxiety, depression, PTSD and in their coaching businesses helping them set up proper structures for their success.

Supporting Mental Health During Covid Lockdown

August 1st 2021

Spoke in front of 3,000 people during the international healing summit to help mental health & addiction during lockdown.

His Clients Saved Over $200k From Addictions and Unwanted Habits

October 1st 2021

His work with helping people out of unwanted habits pays off. His clients have gotten sober saving a combination of $200,000 from smoking, alcohol and drug habits.


1:1 Coach Turns International Trainer

December 6th 2021

Delivered his first international Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner training with students from the U.S, Australia, Canada and the U.K.

Speaks On Live TV

February 1st 2022

Shares his story from addicted to altruist on live Roku TV to Italy, Canada and Australia to an audience of 250,000 people.

Speaking To High-end Professionals

15th May 2021

Gets invited to speak in front of 100 psychologists, counsellors, doctors and coaches wanting to take their businesses online post covid and how to create transformation for people online.


Finishes His 2nd Year In Business

June 31st 2021

Has taken 50+ people through his group programs in 6 months, taking a massive leap in his business creating $150,000 in revenue by teaching his signature business & therapy frameworks to coaches, healers and facilitators to rapidly create 6 Figure Coaching Businesses overdelivering to their clients.

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Official Bio

Having spoken on TV in front of hundreds of thousands of people, advising over a hundred professionals people in mainstream healthcare on their business and working with hundreds more individuals directly, Ben McDowell has discovered an integrated approach to rapidly raising successful coaching businesses for his students the world over, using the Launched Coach Formula.

Having raised his own business to a 6 Figure level within his first 13 months as a new coach with no tech skills, no following and no previous experience he gives credit to having overcome addiction, anxiety and depression in his own life in his teens and early 20s. Ben often says to his students “Nobody that had an easy life ever had the desire to help others transform theirs, every 6 figure coach is finds their gift to serve the world through their unique past experiences, and it’s this past that is the connection point they use to transform lives”.

Ben now helps emerging coaches find their dream client and not just scale to $20k/months in their businesses but to set up their own signature healing modality so they can spend more time guiding practitioners and less time in the trenches working 1:1.

To tie it off Ben is an internationally recognised Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy™ & NLP Coaching Trainer and offers the highest master practitioner level accreditation in these 4 transformational modalities, his trainings meet or exceed the highest level of accreditation worldwide according to the International Coaching Federation. 

Since the age of 9 when Ben left his home country in England he noticed that people become far more able to envision and realise greatness in their lives when they are supported in a group setting.

Which is why his business has woven into it’s fibres a complimentary lifetime pass to re-sit any previously completed training through our ‘Quantum Assistance program’ and free lifetime 1:1 messaging access to his in house coaching team to ensure you receive the post-training support we all need after leaving the training room.

His passion for growth combined with his insatiable hunger to add value into the lives of others will have you walking away from any event you attend feeling like you really can create the success you want and that you have a proven, reliable successful framework to realise the vision you have not just for your business but for your life as a whole.

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Behind The Scenes Bio

I’m Ben, i’ve been to the lowest low points through my past addictions, and i’ve been to the highest highs in my business, i’ve had break downs, i’ve had heartbreak, i’ve felt lost, and i’ve had multiple brain injuries that i had to rebuild myself back up from.

I’ve coached clients that had such bad anxiety they couldn’t leave the house, that were on the brink of suicide, been part of situations of domestic abuse, and alcoholics with 10+ years of addiction behind them. 

And it’s through these times that i’ve learnt how to be an effective leader and to facilitate the kind of change in people that lasts a lifetime. There have been many times when i’ve had to dig deeper into my own soul to make it through, and it’s that skill i pass onto others.

In 2015 after getting into a fight while intoxicated i remember looking down at my hands saying to myself “This is not who you are, you must become better than this Ben”. So i decided to change it all.Then next 5 years were hard, really hard, after numbing myself out emotionally for many years and having my brain injury from taking drugs i found myself with a broken brain and no idea of what was to come.

The first 6 months of my sobriety were the hardest of my life, but i managed to make it through by holding 1 single thought: “Do not go back to the old ways, better things are coming”. 

I had no idea what they were yet, but i knew i wasn’t going back. 


I spent 5 years healing my brain, i did yoga teacher trainings, i studied meditation, i began training Kung-Fu everyday, and i trained hard just to process the parts of myself i had been hiding from through my vices for so long.

in 2021 i reached a point wherein i felt like i had processed a lot of what i was running away from inside myself, so i decided to become a Neurolinguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy & Hypnosis Practitioner helping people remove addictions from their lives so they can be free again and become the person they were born to be.

In 2022 i decided to take this work to the next level and became an accredited Neurolinguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching Trainer so i could train those clients to become coaches helping others to get free of their challenges and into free lives.

Now i run a 6 figure company doing 5 figure days, weeks and as i write this bio we have just done our first $40k/month while i see our graduates doing the same. I’m helping more people than ever while my business takes less and less time and energy to grow.

Since i was young i never learnt things well by myself, i always needed people to explain things to me many many times, i’d get frustrated with myself when i didn’t learn as quickly as i wanted and i had to learn a lot of patience along the way.

Since day 1 i have invested in the best mentors available to help me along the way. Why? Because i believe that trying to be a successful coach without a mentor or guide is like being in a forest without a map. I’ve never bothered to try it because i’ve found investing in my business is like having an ATM machine that gives you $3 for every $1 you put in. It is not a COST, it is an INVESTMENT.

If you’ve got dreams, if you’ve got visions, if you’ve got the desire to create a better future for humanity to step into i want you to know that you are in the right place. Every day i use my desire to create a better future for myself and those around me to take action, and if. your’e willing to put in some desire, to put in some time, some energy and some trust then you have the recipe ready to create results just like me.

Success Stories

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Julian Darkazanli

Message #1

"Just got a deposit for my 6 week program for $3500 CAD will be starting in 3 weeks with them."

Message #2

"Starting with a new client today! Received a payment for 2k."

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 15.35.37.png

Janis Godlewski


"Thank you so much! $3,333 paid in full baby 🎉🎉🎉"

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 15.35.45.png

Catherine Cenandez


"Just signed up another 2 clients for 8 week program. Started the wait list!"

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Thomas Licou

Message #1

"I charged 2.500$ for a bro that wants to embrace his feminine and connect that bridge between masculine and feminine through dance. He wants to inspire people with fire spinning again, something he used to do, so he wants to sense that confidence back and share his talent to the world."

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